About Us

Dealing with one’s finances can often be intimidating. Investing is no different. An information overload, transactional focus, peer advice and generalised recommendations often compound the task.

As communication is going virtual, personalized service is at a premium and often overlooked. We at Sudipta Sengupta, have been assisting successful professionals since last two decades in buying appropriate Insurance & Investment products.

Clients are the backbone of our business and most new client on-boardings are by word of mouth referrals. Technology has always been an enabler with us since inception though we have stayed away from Robo & Advisory models, instead focusing on servicing the investments. We have also empowered our clients to transact independently and access their portfolio through our web login and mobile application.

If you have a question on your investments or an investment product, feel free to connect with us. You may also contact us if you need assistance on your existing portfolio or plan fresh investments. We promise to assist you in your pursuit with expertise and MIS.

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