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Insurance purchase should ideally precede investing for the future. This will insulate your future wealth from depletion due to possible contingencies. Ensure adequate savings before embarking on investing for the future. Once ready, our digital platforms will help execute your investment decisions.

Selection of best Funds

Choose the right scheme

With a large variety of schemes and plans at offer identifying the “Right Scheme” may be daunting. Best funds, Top three funds and similar recommendations though sought after often end up compounding the problem. We provide enough information from our website and mobile application empowering you to choose your preferred scheme. At Sudipta Sengupta we do not recommend schemes but are happy executing your recommendations.

Selection of best Funds

Post Purchase Services

Handling investments post-purchase is key and can be challenging for most busy investors. At Sudipta Sengupta, we pledge to provide all investment related services and stay the course. Digital transaction options, scheme related details, accessing your investment details 24 * 7 all from our web platform and mobile application enhance investing experience. Our industry standard reports and web-based MIS empower you with the relevant information to track and handle your investments in your busy schedule.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Why choose us?

“Investing is simple but not easy” – Warren Buffet.
We make it easier for you by providing simple solutions, back it up by quality after sales support and stay the course.

Why choose us
Why choose us

Dedicated Manager

At Sudipta Sengupta, your Relationship Manager is your after sales support manager and will not request fresh investments in lieu of services offered.

Long-Term Relationship

You will find us when your investments mature or need to be redeemed as much as when you bought them. We shy away from sales targets instead focusing more on lifetime value of clients.

Online Investment Platform

Transactions with us will be largely online. You will be empowered to independently transact on your mutual funds. Additionally, through web login and mobile app you can track your investments and investment related information 24 x 7

Regular Reporting

Our clients will regularly receive detailed reports related to their investments and benefit from our MIS. This will help them make better choices and enhance portfolio quality.

Request a call Back

Request a call back

Invest with a Purpose

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

It helps you visualize the amount accumulated with a Regular Investment at a specified rate

Child Future Solution

Child Future Solution

It helps you plan for the future expenditure of your child's higher education

Children Wedding

Children Wedding

This planner helps you see the future expenditure which would be incurred at the time of marriage

Retirement Solution

Retirement Solution

This planner helps you see the future expenditure which would be incurred

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